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    Master's Degree Program

    Our Master’s Degree Program (MDP)

    If you are pursuing a master's degree (MSRE or MRED) or an MBA with specialization in real estate at an AI-affiliated university your education may qualify for MAI Designated membership.

    Qualifications to Enroll in AI MDP

    You must be enrolled in a master’s degree program at a university that’s affiliated with the Appraisal Institute.

    Join AI as a Student Affiliate or a Practicing Affiliate.

    • Practicing Affiliates are individuals interested in affiliation with the Appraisal Institute but are not ready/eligible to pursue Designated membership. Learn more
    • Student Affiliates are college, university or high school students who do not practice real property valuation. Learn more

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    Is the MDP Program right for you?

    What's the next step?

    University Representatives: Get Affiliated!

    If you’re a university currently offering a degree that fits the MDP model, we’d love to partner with you! Start your application for AI MDP Affiliation.