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    Experience Credit Candidate Guidebook

    Effective 08/11/2023 A guidebook on the designation requirement for experience, including policy, FAQs and guidelines.

    Candidates must receive credit for a specified number of hours of Experience, either Specialized Experience for MAI and AI-GRS paths or Residential Experience for SRA and AI-RRS paths. The work submitted for credit must cover at least a minimum time period and include the most recent work, which is counted from the current date going back in time (not to extend beyond 10 years). Work that receives credit for experience must comply with the AI Standards of Professional Practice. All assignments listed must have been performed for a business purpose. There must be a client, an intended use (other than for experience credit), and an intended user (other than the Appraisal Institute). An assignment/report prepared as a sample for experience purposes is not eligible.

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