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    Instructor Qualifying Conference (IQC) FAQs

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    The IQC has two goals: 1) To assess the communication and instruction skills of potential AI instructors, and 2) To review educational principles and practices for potential instructors in order to teach AI programs effectively. The IQC is the first step one must take to become an approved AI instructor.

    Designated members and/or PhD’s who currently are not approved to teach for AI but are interested in completing the process to become a full instructor for AI programs. Completion of program does not guarantee approval to teach.

    At this time, an IQC has not been scheduled but will likely be held in 2024.

    Contact us if you would like to be informed when more details are available.

    Yes, generally participants are required to submit a video presentation prior to the conference.

    Also, participants may be required to engage in pre- and post-conference activities.

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