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    Using a Financial Calculator

    Get Familiar With Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) Calculator

    Have you used a financial calculator before?

    A basic understanding of how to use a Hewlett-Packard (HP) financial calculator is a prerequisite for most Appraisal Institute courses.

    Don’t worry: We have a variety of resources to help you learn the basics or brush up on your financial calculator skills.

    Online Seminar

    Using Your HP12C Financial Calculator

    Learn the features and operations of the HP12C financial calculator. Examples and problems are geared to commercial appraisal and are particularly useful if you’re planning to take our income property courses.


    Read the manual for your specific calculator, especially the introductory chapter that describes settings and clear functions. The chapters on Time Value of Money (TVM) and Cash Flows are particularly helpful.

    You should also practice keystrokes to gain a familiarity with the functions before you start your courses. Don’t forget to bring your manual with you to your courses for easy reference.

    Lost your manual? Order a replacement by calling HP Parts Direct Ordering at 800-227-8164 or by visiting the HP website. Many manuals are also available from CalcPro.

    In addition, AI offers a downloadable HP 12C User Guide.

    Practice Exercises

    Do you have a firm grasp of your calculator? Use these exercises to see where you might need additional practice.

    AI's Formulas, Symbols, and Math outlines basic operations and symbols for Advanced Income Capitalization and includes sample problems. This document jumps right to sample problems.