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    Advanced Concepts & Case Studies

    This course synthesizes the three approaches to value, examines their applications, and helps you apply basic and advanced valuation techniques. Case studies teach you how to address common but complex appraisal issues, including a leased fee not at market rent, a proposed property, a property in a market not at equilibrium, and a subdivision. The course emphasizes the need to test the reasonableness of all the conclusions in an appraisal.

    Note. This is primarily a synthesis course, not a review course. Like all advanced education courses sponsored by the Appraisal Institute, the course naturally reviews many concepts taught in previous courses. However, it includes some new material and does not include a complete overview of the other courses. Therefore, Advanced Concepts & Case Studies should not be considered an adequate review for the comprehensive exam. To prepare for the comprehensive exam, participants must review all four advanced education courses, as well as basic concepts from qualifying education for certified general real property appraisers.
    Course Offerings
    Sponsor Date Location Format
    Appraisal Institute April 1-11, 2024 Synchronous View Details Register
    Tennessee Chapter April 22-26, 2024 Nashville, TN Classroom View Details Register
    Chicago Chapter April 8-13, 2024 Chicago, IL Classroom View Details Register
    Appraisal Institute October 21-31, 2024 Synchronous View Details Register
    Bluegrass Chapter September 9-14, 2024 Louisville, KY Classroom View Details Register