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    The Cost Approach: Unnecessary or Vital to a Healthy Practice?

    How often have you have heard that the cost approach is unnecessary to obtain credible assignment results…that it is not relevant to valuing one to four-unit properties? This mindset can leave you ill-prepared for atypical assignments. It also can affect your ability to support adjustments properly in the sales comparison approach, understand trends in market conditions that are driven by building costs, and recognize and quantify the forms of depreciation that can affect residential improvements. Through presentations, case studies, and exercises, this hands-on seminar will help you become reacquainted with the cost approach. You’ll realize that you can rely on it when you have plentiful, very little, or confusing market data. And as a result, you’ll add value to and strengthen your appraisal practice.

    Course Offerings
    We are not currently offering this course, but please contact us for additional options and more information.