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    FHA Appraising—Principles and Procedures

    This seminar addresses the tough questions that others often sidestep. It explains what Handbook 4000.1 is really saying when FHA requires you to do certain things. We’ve had extended discussions with HUD staff in Washington DC to ensure that we understand the guidance provided to appraisers. We also provide additional insight and practical advice on how to apply FHA’s protocols in real-world appraising. This online seminar provides coverage of FHA issues in a manner that would be difficult to replicate in a typical classroom presentation. It is designed for appraisers who are new to FHA as well as seasoned FHA Roster appraisers. This is also the seminar to take if you are under sanctions from HUD for remedial education specific to FHA appraising. To appraise for FHA, you need to know and understand FHA principles and procedures. This is a guide to becoming the complete FHA appraiser.


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