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    General Appraiser Report Writing and Case Studies

    This course emphasizes how strong writing and effective organization of an appraisal report are as powerful and essential as solid analysis. You’ll develop skills and strategies to harness language so that your value conclusion is clear and convincing to the intended user. Developing a credible opinion of value is only part of the appraisal process. Reporting it effectively conveys the appraiser’s competence. A poorly written report diminishes the credibility of even the most competent research and analysis. An appraiser who can combine robust analytical skills with strong communication skills gains a compelling competitive advantage. Through instruction and practice, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate a sound valuation analysis. Discussions and writing exercises use a variety of property types and valuation scenarios to address common issues specific to appraisal report writing. Real-world examples allow you to apply writing concepts including organization, writing tone, integration of image-based content, coherent sentence and paragraph structure, and the revision and editing process. Extended writing assignments focus on common appraisal writing challenges such as explaining the derivation and application of quantitative adjustments, communicating data-dense analysis, presenting highest and best use analysis, and writing an appropriate scope of work.
    • Identify the nature of appraisal reports and report requirements.
    • Identify and apply principles of grammar, punctuation, and usage specific to report writing.
    • Recognize and apply a variety of written communication tools and methods to best convey an assignment’s results.
    • Identify the importance of the intended user when writing an appraisal report.
    • Practice presenting appraisal analysis and conclusions clearly and effectively.
    • Understand the interconnectedness of the appraisal process and how to achieve a consistent and coherent appraisal report.
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses of image-based description in appraisal reports, and practice designing effective graphs and tables.
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    This course provides instruction in effectively communicating a sound analysis of selected parts of a valuation. It addresses USPAP requirements and the three types of writing most often used in appraisal reports: descriptive, numerical, and analytical. Lectures on writing principles, discussions of various sections of the appraisal report, and in-class writing exercises and presentations provide guidance and practice in effective communication of a valuation analysis. Specific assignments include writing a thesis statement, summarizing data, creating effective tables, writing a conclusion, communicating highest and best use, communicating an analysis, writing a letter of transmittal, and writing a reconciliation and opinion of value. You will use data provided in case studies as the basis for writing assignments that will help them recognize and produce effective reports.



    • Identify the nature of appraisal reports and report requirements.
    • Identify the basic principles of grammar and effective report writing.
    • Practice writing descriptive sections of appraisal reports.
    • Practice writing sections of appraisal reports that include extensive numerical material.
    • Practice writing analytical sections of appraisal reports.
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