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    Litigation Assignments for Residential Appraisers: Doing Expert Work on Atypical Cases

    For those familiar with litigation who want to expand into more challenging residential assignments, don't miss this fast-paced seminar. This program thoroughly analyzes, for purposes of litigation, two atypical residential properties. In the first case study you’ll initially identify the appraisal problem and the questions to ask for the lawsuit. Discerning the difference between partial and complete remediation and how disclosure defects could affect market value are also covered. Learn what to do when a typical sales comparison approach is not applicable. The second case study explores deeded rights to community recreational amenities and due diligence in identifying rights associated with ownership. The basics of title defect actions and how to identify and measure contributory value of a component are covered in depth. Both case studies dig into the nuts and bolts of these issues in a convenient 4-hour class.

    Course Offerings
    We are not currently offering this course, but please contact us for additional options and more information.