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    Measure It Right! – Using the ANSI-Z765-2021 Standard for Residential Properties

    This program is designed to walk you through the measurement steps used in measuring, calculating and reporting improved and unimproved residential area. The program is an in-depth study of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) protocol for single-family residential buildings, ANSI-Z765-2021. But the program goes above and beyond to look at various questions and issues that have surfaced after the standard was released. Moreover, the program presents many more examples of measurement problems than presented in the standard and shows you how to resolve them in a step-by-step approach. Measure, Calculate, and Report. That is the emphasis presented by the ANSI-Z765-2021 standard and it is a good model for all appraisers to follow—particularly when calculating improved and unimproved residential area. Taking a systematic approach to measuring will provide consistency, confidence and credibility to your appraisal process. Remember that a large part of an appraiser’s value opinion is directly connected to the measurements taken and how they are calculated. With that in mind, new appraisers as well as seasoned pros should find the content in this program extremely helpful.

    Note: The ANSI-Z765-2021 Standard is required for this program. To purchase this publication, please visit the Home Innovation Research Labs website.
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