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    Practical Application of Fundamental Analysis

    Do you find yourself hesitating before taking on an assignment requiring a Level C marketability analysis? Do you think the process is complex and time consuming? When market conditions are changing, an understanding of fundamental demand concepts and the ability to apply them is necessary to do the valuation competently. This seminar simplifies and demystifies the process of fundamental demand analysis. After reviewing market cycles and the basic economic concepts underlying fundamental analysis, you will learn how to implement the six-step process by applying the concepts to three practical case studies dealing with a general office market, land development (subdivision), and a rental apartment building. You will use basic templates that can be used later in your daily work. By the end of the seminar, you should be better prepared to start including fundamental analysis in your work.

    Course Offerings
    We are not currently offering this course, but please contact us for additional options and more information.