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    Volunteers of Distinction

    Honoring Our Volunteers for Service

    Appraisal Institute’s recognition program honors volunteers for their service to AI, the real estate valuation profession, and their local communities.

    Each quarter, we recognize AI Professionals who have been nominated by fellow AI Professionals.

    Any Designated Member, Candidate for Designation, Practicing Affiliate or Affiliate in good standing who makes contributions to AI, the valuation profession, and their local community, is eligible to be recognized. Individuals can be recognized once per calendar year.

    Compass of Excellence

    Quarter 4, 2023 Recipients

    • Joseph V. Comperchio, MAI, SRA, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine Chapter
    • Kelly M. Fried, MAI, Ohio Chapter

    Quarter 3, 2023 Recipients

    • Charles E. Badell, MAI South Florida Chapter
    • Enrique T. Casado, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS    South Florida Chapter
    • Dale C. Cooper, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS    Phoenix Chapter
    • Susanne M. Curran, MAI, AI-GRS    Philadelphia Metropolitan Chapter
    • Gary S. DeWeese, MAI    Northern California Chapter
    • Robert R. Elliott, Jr., MAI, SRA    South Carolina Chapter
    • Brad D. Hartog, SRA, AI-RRS    Northern Illinois Chapter
    • John A. Hillas, MAI, SRA    Northern California Chapter
    • Trevor C. Hubbard, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS    San Diego Chapter
    • William E. Jones, MAI, AI-GRS    Southern California Chapter
    • Courtney R. Prentice, MAI, SRA    Chicago Chapter
    • Michelle B. Rogers, SRA    Southern California Chapter
    • Wesley R. Sanders, MAI, AI-GRS    Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
    • Shane Santini, Candidate for Designation    South Carolina Chapter
    • James M. Terry, SRA    Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
    • Ryan F. Whitney, MAI    Western Pennsylvania Chapter

    Quarter 2, 2023 Recipients

    Val K. Chiasson

    MAI, SRA

    South Florida Chapter

    Benjamin E. Hays


    South Carolina Chapter

    Ryan T. Hargrove


    Southern California Chapter

    Jeffrey Hogan


    Southern California Chapter

    Quarter 1, 2023 Recipients

    Justin Atwell


    Colorado Chapter

    Warren Boizot


    Colorado Chapter

    Alex Liu

    Candidate for Designation

    Southern California Chapter

    Robert L. Mesner


    South Florida Chapter

    Jacinto A. Munoz, Jr.


    Outstanding Service Award 2022

    Based in Irvine, California, Jacinto A. Munoz, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS, is a managing director and principal for Cogito Realty Partners. Munoz is a U.S. Navy Veteran and joins Apprise with more than 25 years of experience in valuation, lending, litigation support, underwriting, review, development, expert witness, and environmental real estate roles, with extensive valuation experience across all asset types nationwide and internationally.

    Prior to joining Cogito, Munoz served as a managing director and head of strategy and compliance for Apprise by Walker and Dunlop. Munoz also served in a variety of roles with JPMorgan Chase Bank, which included serving the bank as a regional appraisal manager, national commercial lending review manager and most recently, in a senior leadership role as the national CTL appraisal manager, where he was responsible for leading a team of more than 100 managers, appraisers and administrative professionals nationwide.
    Shortly after leaving the Navy, Munoz began his career in 1995 on the sales and lending side of the real estate industry before moving to a boutique real estate appraisal and consulting firm in Southern California.

    In 2000, along with several partners, Munoz co-founded Appraisal Specialists. This firm specialized in an assortment of appraisal services that included engagements for a variety of institutional lenders and investors, local and regional federally regulated banks, life companies, municipalities, attorneys and private equity lenders.

    Munoz also served as vice president at MUFG Union Bank and Far East National Bank, where he engaged in all aspects of vendor review and approval, appraisal engagement, review, developing policies and procedures, portfolio monitoring, environment and construction review, disposition of special assets, underwriting, and regulatory compliance through engagement with federal regulators for real projects across all asset types nationwide.

    Munoz has conducted research, prepared appraisals, reviewed, consulted, and/or completed inspections of numerous property types nationwide, which include a wide variety of commercial land, subdivisions, multifamily apartments, health care facilities, auto dealerships, hotels, parking garages and surface lots, industrial properties, mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, office buildings, retail properties, special purpose facilities, air and water rights, synthetic leases, and various other stand-alone commercial assets.

    Robert Owen


    Western Pennsylvania Chapter

    Nick A. Tillema


    Hoosier State Chapter

    Tonia Vailas


    Region IV Vice Chair

    Past Recipients of Recognition

    Daniel J. Bittner, SRA

    Christopher T. Daniel, SRA

    James T. Mullin, SRA

    Luke A. Nordine, MAI

    Jesse B. Vance, Jr., MAI, SRA

    Matthew M. Magdziarz, MAI, AI-GRS

    Stacey Elizabeth Nadolny, MAI

    Michael S. Cibene, SRA, AI-RRS

    Alexandra M. Meade, MAI, AI-GRS

    Carlos D. Gobel, SRA

    Claire M. Aufrance, MAI, SRA

    Matthew B. Atwood, Practicing Affiliate

    Michelle Patton, MAI

    Nicholas W. Bennett, MAI

    Richard deVerdier, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

    Robert D. Becker, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

    Sherry L. Watkins, MAI

    Smedmore Bernard, MAI

    Susan Ulman, MAI

    Frank Notaro, MAI, SRA

    Karen Friel, MAI, AI-GRS

    Mark Hendrickson, MAI, AI-GRS

    Warren B. Boizot III, SRA

    Eric D. Goodwin, MAI

    Justin Reis, MAI, SRA

    Stanley R. Sidor, MAI, AI-GRS

    Robert Vodinelic, MAI

    Jeremy Darner, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

    Elaine Liz-Ramirez, MAI, AI-GRS

    Cameron Rex, MAI

    James Erik Smith, SRA

    Edward S. Falkowski III, MAI, SRA

    Norman C. Hulberg, MAI

    Rachel Massey, SRA, AI-RRS

    Charles L. Cather, SRA

    Betsy K. Hughes, SRA, AI-RRS

    Joshua D. Garretson, MAI, AI-GRS, AI-RRS

    Sheri L. Colvin, MAI, Candidate for Designation

    Michael A. Hadrys, Candidate for Designation

    Steven G. Elliott, SRA

    Kenneth M. Konrath, MAI

    Jack L. Parr, SRA, Candidate for Designation

    Nicole Allen, MAI, AI-GRS

    Joseph A. Mier, SRA, AI-RRS

    Gregory J. Accetta, MAI, AI-GRS

    Patrick H. Adamson, MAI, SRA

    Lauren E. Berkemeyer, Candidate for Designation

    Donna B. Bordelon, MAI, AI-GRS

    Nicholas P. Cadigan, MAI

    Lisa L. Faulkner, SRA

    Colin Grant Griffin, MAI

    Sarah G. Guthrie, MAI

    Bruce A. Kellogg, MAI

    Matthew M. Magdziarz, MAI, AI-GRS

    Allen D. McCravy, MAI

    Susan A. Merrick, SRA

    Carol D. Mouchet, Practicing Affiliate

    J. Carl Schultz Jr., MAI, SRA

    J. Marshall Vann, MAI, SRA

    Heather M. Placer, MAI, SRA

    Charles G. Argianas, MAI

    Bo Bass, MAI

    Jose A. Rodriguez-Martinez, SRA, AI-RRS

    R. Wayne Pugh, MAI

    Leah Lasley Shell, SRA

    Paul E. Chandler, MAI, Candidate for Designation

    Melissa M. Downing, MAI

    Terry S. Larson, MAI

    Reaves C. Lukens III, MAI, SRA

    Linda M. Powers, MAI

    James A. Rohrig, MAI

    Nancy Cruz, SRA

    Lee R. Smalley, MAI

    Jerry L. Fulwiler, MAI

    William S. Morris, MAI

    Tuan C. Nguyen, MAI

    Terrell R. Oetzel, MAI

    Allen W. Gardiner, SRA

    S. Celeste Mohon, SRA

    Alexander B. Rubin, MAI, AI-GRS

    Michael V. Tankersley, MAI, SRA, AI-RRS

    Pledger M. Bishop III, MAI, SRA

    Dori D. Bower, MAI

    Clint C. Dorris, SRA

    Jean M. Gannon, SRA, AI-RRS

    Neil A. Lefmann, MAI, SRPA, SRA

    Dustin A. Lewis, MAI, SRA

    Jason L. Messner, MAI

    Richard F. Odom Jr., MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

    Wesley R. Sanders, MAI, AI-GRS

    Joseph B. Woods, SRA

    Joseph E. Anderson, MAI

    Todd R. Henderson, MAI, AI-GRS

    Howard A. Babcock, SRA

    David L. Cary Jr., MAI

    Matthew S. Myers, MAI

    G. Herbert Pritchett, MAI, SRPA, SRA

    John D. Penner, MAI, Region VII

    William T. "Ted" Anglyn, MAI, Region IX

    Thomas P. Morlan III MAI, SREA, SRA, Region X

    Gregory E. Stephens, SRA, Region VIII

    Bryan D. Vick, MAI Region VII

    Jennifer Hsu, MAI, Region VII

    Eric C. Schneider, MAI, Region VII

    C. Kevin Bokoske, MAI, AI-GRS, AI-RRS Region X

    Carole T. Laval, SRA Region I

    John R. Drew, MAI, Region IV

    Trisha P. Guarnieri, MAI, AI-GRS, Region X

    Eric M. Lehmayer MAI, Region VI

    Frederick J. Petrie, SRA, Region V

    Aaron M. Carone, MAI, Region IX

    Albert R. Crosby, MAI, Region VI

    Robert Mesner, MAI, AI-GRS, Region X

    Edward Molinari, SRA, Region VI

    Robert E. James, Jr., Candidate for Designation, Region VII

    Elaine Liz-Ramirez, MAI, Region X

    William M. "Mike" Rinner, MAI, AI-GRS, Region II

    J. Roger Ball, Jr., MAI, Region IX

    Steven L. Marshall, MAI, SPRA, SRA, AI-GRS, Region X

    Chris Johnson, MAI, SRA Region V

    Thomas Rodgers, MAI, SRA Region III

    Scott D. Delahooke, MAI, SRA, Region VII

    Clinton "Joe" Wallace, MAI, Region III

    William W. Whitley, MAI, SRA, Region V

    R. Scott Hartman, SRA, Region VI

    Erick P. Landeen, MAI, Region V

    Alvin "Chip" Wagner III, SRA, Region III

    B. LaVonne Borges, MBA, SRA, Region V

    Karen Emerle, SRA, Region III

    Joseph N. Woller, MAI, SRA, Region VIII

    Joe W. Ball, MAI, Region IX

    Enrique "Henry" T. Casado, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS, Region X

    Jonathan H. Avery, MAI, SPRA, SRA, Region IV

    Susanne Dickinson, MAI, Region II

    Megan U. Glosser, MAI, Region V

    Kim Kearney, MAI, Region VII

    Michael Schaeffer, MAI, Region III

    Kevin A. Byrnes, MAI, Region III

    Robert R. King, SRA, Region VII

    Richard F. deVerdier, MAI,SRA, AI-GRS, Region III

    Richard F. Hix, Practicing Affiliate, Region VIII

    Stacey S. Nicholas, MAI, Region V

    Mark J. Krause, MAI Region III

    James "Jamey" Leonard, SRA, AI-RRS Region V

    Kurt L. Reitman, MAI, SRA Region I

    Stephen D. Roach, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS Region VII

    Alexandra Meade, MAI Region III

    Mark Rattermann, MAI, SRA Region V

    Craig Steinley, SRA, AI-RRS Region II

    Robert Gutmann, SRA Region V

    Jefferson L. Sherman, MAI, AI-GRS Region V

    Louise M. Jeffers, SRA Region VI

    Harold S. McCloud, MAI Region II

    Janice E. Evans, SRA Region V

    Dean Zantow, SRA Region VIII

    Jean Walker Moss, MAI Region IX

    Hal B. Katz, Candidate for Designation Region X

    Kern G. Slucter, MAI, SRA Region III

    James L. Henderson, SRA Region VII

    Dennis W. Key, SRA Region IX

    Luis F. Delgado-Robles, Candidate for Designation Region X

    Susan Merrick, SRA Region VII

    Trevor Hubbard, MAI, SRA Region VII

    Jack Poe, MAI, Region VIII

    Roland Hall, SRA

    Jack Poe, MAI, Region VIII

    Roland Hall, SRA, Region IX

    Jeffrey R. Vale, MAI, SRA

    Mark V. Smeltzer, SRA

    Larry T. Wright, MAI, SRA

    Marian Fields, MAI, SRA Region II

    Jeffrey R. Vale, MAI, SRA Region V

    Mark V. Smeltzer, SRA Region VI

    Larry T. Wright, MAI, SRA

    Thomas F. Neeson, MAI Region VII

    Michael R. McKinley, SRA Region X

    Charles "Ray" Fletcher, MAI Region II

    Wesley R. Sanders, MAI Region X

    Gary F. Scott, SRPA, SRA Region X

    Anthony J. Wren, MAI, SRA Region I

    John J. Leary, MAI, SRPA, SRA Region IV

    Gary T. Crabtree, SRA Region VII

    Philip E. Paulk, MAI, SRA Region IX

    Brian E. Zamorski, MAI Region X

    Samuel B. Long, MAI, SRA Region V

    Jennifer Hafner, Candidate for Designation Region VII

    Joseph A. Mier, SRA Region IX

    Walter B. Duke, MAI, SRA Region X