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    AI News Releases Nov 18, 2021

    Winterize Your Home Now, Not Later, Says Appraisal Institute

    The nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers today advised homeowners that it’s beneficial to winterize their properties sooner, rather than later.

    “Winter is fast approaching, which means now is the ideal time for homeowners to check those boxes off their winter 'to-do' lists to make themselves more comfortable during the cold weather months,” said Appraisal Institute President Rodman Schley, MAI, SRA. “These projects not only make the colder months more comfortable, but they could also result in a return on investment for homeowners.”’s 2021 Fall Maintenance Checklist suggests checking a home's insulation, testing indoor air quality and prepping for unexpected power outages. In addition, lawn maintenance is equally as important to tackle prior to harsh winter weather. Homeowners should keep in mind important jobs such as trimming trees, clearing brush and leaves to keep pests away and winterizing pools so they're ready to dive back in with ease when the warmer-weather months come around. According to HGTV's 12 Ways to Save Your Home From a Winter-Weather Nightmare, protecting water lines, resetting the humidity level, fixing faucets and installing a programmable thermostat are also things to consider.

    The upcoming weeks are a prime time for homeowners to make their home cozy and clean. According to House Logic's list of tasks every homeowner should tackle in November, getting ahead of the upcoming winter months by completing projects such as washing bed pillows and cleaning mattresses, stocking up on snow supplies and hiring a chimney sweep to inspect the fireplace will help fight a musty and damp winter feel.

    Homeowners considering improvement projects should work with a qualified real estate appraiser – such as a Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute – to conduct a feasibility study that will help to determine the potential value added by renovation projects.

    “Appraisal Institute Designated Members have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide valuable insight on projects that will be most beneficial to homeowners, keeping things like community norms in mind,” Schley said. 

    In addition to the aforementioned winterization tips, Just Energy's list of Winter Energy Saving Tips suggests homeowners:

    • Let the sun in during the day, but close curtains at night;
    • Eliminate air leaks and drafts and keep air circulating;
    • Close doors and vents in unused rooms; 
    • Stay warm with space heaters, clothes and blankets for cost effectiveness;
    • Reset the water heater thermostat; 
    • Choose LED lights for energy-saving lighting options;
    • After using the oven, leave the door ajar to allow extra heat to warm the kitchen; and
    • Use a smart thermostat, turning it down when going to sleep.