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    AI News Releases Nov 15, 2022

    AI Board of Directors Adopts 45-Day Notice Item During November Meeting

    The Appraisal Institute Board of Directors voted to adopt one 45-Day Notice item during its Nov. 10-11 meeting in Chicago. The 45-Day Notice item addresses proposed amendments to the Bylaws regarding the International Member on the Board as set forth in the 45-Day Notice distributed to Designated Members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates on Sept. 26.
    The Board also:
    • Directed to 45-Day Notice proposed amendments to the Bylaws, Article XI, Part B, Section 2, regarding the ability of Audit Committee members to serve as members of other Appraisal Institute committees, panels, project teams and related entities.
    • Directed to 45-Day Notice proposed amendments to the Bylaws, Article XIII, Part B, Section 4(a) regarding other service of the Board-elected member of the Compensation Committee.
    • Directed to 45-Day Notice proposed amendments to the Bylaws relating to nomination and election of officers.
    • Directed the Education Committee to develop an implementation plan for education and present it to the Board of Directors at the first regular 2023 Board meeting.
    • Directed a survey to rank potential new initiatives to the Appraisal Institute’s Strategic Plan.
    • Voted to amend Regulation No. 10, Article II, Part C, Section 3(d) to expand the opportunities for earning continuing education points for mentoring.
    • Voted to approve updates to Officer Duties and Responsibilities.
    • Voted to amend the Valuers Code of Professional Ethics by adding a new Ethical Rule 1-6.
    • Voted to launch a one-year university relations pilot program.
    • Approved proposed 2023 appointments.
    • Adopted proposed revisions to policies regarding nomination and election of officers.
    • Approved retention of a consultant to develop an officer competency development process.
    Additionally, the members of the Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation held an annual meeting and elected the following individuals to the AIERF Board of Directors:
    • Richard deVerdier, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS 
    • Jeremy Keller, SRA, AI-RRS 
    • Kyle W. Krueger, MAI, AI-GRS 
    • Kelli Kline Mayhew, MAI, SRA 
    The next Appraisal Institute Board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 22-23.