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    AI News Releases Aug 15, 2023

    AI Board of Directors Seeks Membership Input on Proposed Regulation Changes

    The Appraisal Institute Board of Directors voted during its Aug. 10-11 meeting to direct notice of proposed amendments to Regulation No. 2 regarding Admission to Residential Candidacy and SRA Membership for comment.
    The Board also voted to:
    • Adopt proposed amendments to Bylaws and Regulation No. 4 regarding Recognition for Life Designated Membership and to adopt a Designated Member Policy Manual.
    • Adopt proposed amendments to Regulation Nos. 2 and 3 regarding the Residential and Residential Review Experience Requirement.
    • Adopt proposed amendments to Regulation No. 10 regarding Designated Member Continuing Education Cycles.
    • Amend the Chapter Funding Policy for Candidates for Designation and Practicing Affiliates.
    • Approve the unification of the Chicago Chapter and the Northern Illinois Chapter.
    • Adopt the proposed 2024 budget.
    • Amend policy pertaining to maximum annual income for Designated Members with Practicing Semi-Retired status.
    Additionally, the Board elected the following individuals to committees:
    • Audit Committee- Reginald M. Carter, MAI, SRA, and Dale C. Cooper, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS (term ending Dec. 31. 2024).
    • Compensation Committee- Jason L. Messner, MAI (term ending Dec. 31. 2024).
    • Professional Liability Insurance Program Committee- Donald S. Boucher Sr., SRA (term ending Dec. 31. 2024).
    • Strategic Planning Committee Chair- Robert R. Elliott Jr., MAI, SRA (term ending Dec. 31. 2024).
    • Strategic Planning Committee- Allen W. Gardiner, MAI, SRA (term ending Dec. 31. 2024).
    The next Appraisal Institute Board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 9-10 in Rosemont, Illinois.