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    AI News Releases Jan 10, 2024

    Appraisal Institute Leadership Offsite Focuses on 2024 Priorities

    San Diego, CA, January 10, 2024 – A team of Appraisal Institute Board and Staff Leaders today concluded three days of workshops and planning sessions built around ways to better coordinate and collaborate to achieve goals for its members and chapters. Board President Sandra Adomatis, SRA, led the working sessions, which comprised the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, CEO Cindy Chance, and key staff business and service unit team leaders.

    "The main themes of our discussions around planning and goals were service to our members and chapters, 'One Appraisal Institute' initiatives that strengthen the working bonds across our membership and chapters, and ways to measure goals for our Board, Chapter and staff leadership, to track progress – and setbacks – and report on these in a transparent fashion," 2024 Board President Adomatis said.

    "We tackled difficult and complex priorities and I’m proud of the way the participants came together in open discussions about the best approaches to deliver on the Appraisal Institute’s mission. Among these sessions were ways to reduce bureaucracy, appraiser-centric communications and advocacy, revitalizing educational offerings, progress with the Appraisal Institute's reorganization, and enhancing the membership value proposition, particularly for residential appraisers and chapters," the Board President concluded.