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    AI News Releases Mar 20, 2024

    Board Action Announced

    Chicago, IL, Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – The Appraisal Institute board of directors has held a special board meeting and formally approved allowing affiliates and practicing affiliates to serve in chapter leadership positions. A recent change that re-classified some members from “candidate” to “practicing affiliate” prompted urgent calls from chapters to address the unintended consequence of precluding existing chapter leaders from continued service along with many potential new leaders from stepping up to better contribute to their chapters. More than ten chapters had expressed a desire to appoint to chapter leadership individuals in these categories. The role of chapter president remains a position reserved for designated members, based on a provision in the bylaws.

    This decision reflects the Appraisal Institute’s commitment to supporting and better understanding the priorities of chapters, and the potential benefits of the diversity of thought and input from the full range of member types at different stages of their careers.

    Appraisal Institute CEO Cindy Chance said "I appreciate the board resolving this matter, and I want to thank everyone who is volunteering their time to help strengthen our chapters and serve the appraisal profession. We have a great deal of work to do together, and clarifying our approach to leadership service makes it simpler for those generous enough to devote their energies to building One Appraisal Institute."