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    An Introduction to Statistics for Appraisers

    Marvin L. Wolverton
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    Winner of the George L. Schmutz Award

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    Let Statistics Work for You!
    With increasing pressure on appraisers to support their opinions of value and new educational criteria requiring demonstrated proficiency in basic statistics, it's imperative that appraisers learn more about statistics and modeling. An Introduction to Statistics for Appraisers discusses ways to perform statistical analyses that will impress the most demanding clients.

    This text, written specifically for appraisers, includes:

    • A review of essential mathematical skills
    • Advice on illustrating data graphically
    • Instruction on the concept of probability and its application in statistical analysis
    • Sophisticated tools for testing research and assessing the validity and reliability of data samples
    • Information on statistical model building using simple and multiple linear regression
    • Sample townhouse case study data set



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