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    Convenience Stores and Retail Fuel Properties: Essential Appraisal Issues, Second Edition - PDF

    Robert E. Bainbridge, MAI, SRA
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    Winner of the George L. Schmutz Award

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    The convenience industry is a complex and fascinating retail channel that has responded to recent economic challenges by embracing new ideas. The second edition of Convenience Stores and Retail Fuel Properties: Essential Appraisal Issues will help appraisers of convenience stores keep up with these changes and understand how to value convenience properties. This second edition demonstrates market analysis using statistical data and information on important recent developments in the convenience industry, such as:

    • Reduced fuel profits
    • Competition from hypermarkets
    • Increased focus on food service

    Added chapters discuss:

    • Fundamentals of economic theory as applied to convenience retail real estate
    • Eminent domain issues
    • Highest and best use essentials for convenience store sites

    As an added bonus, the book presents a prototype of a working commercial property automated valuation model. Links to helpful online digital content, including interviews with experts and practical field examples, are also provided to illustrate the concepts discussed.


    Additional Resources referenced in the book can be found at this link:


    “I'd recommend this comprehensive book to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of a convenience store/retail fuel property from site planning to store operations."                      

    John A. Schwartz, MAI