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    Identifying Residential Architectural Styles - PDF

    Marc P. Nadeau, SRA
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    Identifying Residential Architectural Styles is an illustrated guide that will help appraisers identify the architectural styles of the homes they appraise and determine how various construction elements contribute to or detract from value. Reporting on the design or style of a home is an essential part of residential appraisal, and practitioners can use this book to learn about

    • The historical evolution of architecture in America from 1600 until the present
    • Significant architectural design elements and the architects who introduced them
    • Residential building elements and materials, including framing and foundations, exterior siding and insulation, drainage and heating systems, flooring, windows, and roofing

    In addition to dozens of photos and drawings of important building elements, the book includes a pictorial overview of residential architectural styles and two glossaries. A final chapter presents case studies of nine different architecturally significant homes that were sold in various locations across the United States. 

    Note: This book is only available in PDF format.