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    Residential Green Valuation Tools - PDF

    Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA
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    For a free sneak preview of this book, download Chapter 2: The Challenges of Valuing Green.

    Sustainable building is in the news and the market for green, or high-performance, homes is clearly growing. Appraisers who want to appraise these homes competently need to get up to speed on green and energy-efficient home features and learn to determine exactly how green a particular property is.

    Residential Green Valuation Tools explores the six features that make a home green—proper siting, water and energy efficiency, indoor air quality, materials, and operations and maintenance—and provides:

    • A comprehensive overview of the valuation of high-performance homes
    • Case studies illustrating common scenarios and valuation problems
    • Detailed instructions on how to complete the AI Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum form
    • Tips for appraising Energy Star homes, passive solar houses, solar photovoltaic systems, and net-zero energy homes

    Appraisers who value green homes are breaking new ground and face unique challenges. Residential Green Valuation Tools provides the methods and resources you need to meet these challenges and become a green-friendly appraiser.

    "Green, energy-efficient residential properties are complex, and this book walks you through the entire process for valuing these properties systematically. In addition, the book presents logical step-by-step adjustment procedures using familiar methodologies including DCF, GRMs, and cost analysis. Residential Green Valuation Tools thoroughly explains what green building is, where to find green data, how to solve green valuation problems, and why green valuation is here to stay."

    Robert D. Mims IV, SRA


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