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    Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use - PDF

    Mark R. Ratterman, MAI, SRA
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    The ups and downs of US housing markets make big headlines, but do the reports in the media really provide a full and timely picture of the interaction of supply and demand in residential real estate markets? Although most residential appraisers are familiar with the market trends affecting local property values, many fall short in communicating their understanding of market conditions fairly and accurately to their appraisal clients.
    Written by an experienced appraiser and educator, Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use presents practical advice and real-world examples that demonstrate
    •   How to determine the appropriate level of market analysis
    •   The dos and don’ts of market area delineation
    •   Productivity analysis
    •   Supply and demand relationships in residential markets
    •   Researching data sources and applying statistical tools
    Readers of this new text will learn how to plan and perform appropriately detailed market and highest and best use analyses that lead to credible and supportable value conclusions and convincing appraisal reports.

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