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    Review Theory and Procedures: A Systematic Approach to Review in Real Property Valuation - PDF

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    Reviewing appraisals has become increasingly important in the appraisal profession and in the economic marketplace, with more appraisals being scrutinized and more appraisers offering review services. Review Theory and Procedures provides practitioners with a comprehensive model that defines the review function and describes how to integrate and organize the various tasks involved in performing a review assignment.

    The book examines the review process step-by-step, from the identification of the client’s problem through to the review report, which communicates the reviewer’s conclusions about the quality of the work under review. The book also discusses

    • The reviewer’s role in valuation practice
    • Essential criteria for acquiring and demonstrating professional competence
    • The regulatory environment in which reviewers work
    • Review assignments involving complex properties
    • Challenging assignment conditions
    • Misunderstandings that impair communication between reviewers and appraisers

    Review Theory and Procedures will serve as an introduction to the review discipline for novice appraisers and provide new opportunities for experienced practitioners to enhance their skills and demonstrate their competency in the review area.