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    The Appraisal of Nursing Facilities

    James K. Tellatin, MAI
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    Explore valuation opportunities in the growing senior housing industry!

    In this comprehensive text, healthcare property valuation expert James K. Tellatin, MAI, explores long-term care facilities from both physical and economic perspectives. The discussion focuses on skilled nursing facilities, covering topics such as the intricacies of Medicare and Medicaid funding as well as the complex factors impacting the operations of for-profit and non-profit facilities.

    In addition to demographic and operational data, this text provides a wealth of practical instruction. Readers will learn how to:

    • Use Medicare and Medicaid cost reports, market surveys, interviews, and sales to gather and analyze data
    • Calculate federal and state cost reimbursements
    • Forecast occupancy, census, payor mix, income, and expenses
    • Apply specialized techniques to different valuation scenarios
    • Allocate business assets and address other appraisal challenges

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