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    The Valuation of Wetlands, Second Edition - PDF

    David M. Keating, MAI, Non-Practicing
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    The Valuation of Wetlands, second edition, describes the five types of wetland systems, explores characteristics that define a wetland, and details the benefits wetlands bring to ecosystems. It also shows how the market value of a wetland is affected by development and location, explains the approaches used to estimate a wetland property’s market value, and presents reasons why appraisers may assign different values to the same property. The handbook concludes with a discussion of wetlands mitigation banking, which allows developers to use some wetlands in return for maintaining others.

    Since the first edition of The Valuation of Wetlands was published, significant changes in the legal-political landscape have occurred. Scientific data has been released, legislation has been passed, and regulations have been put in place. This second edition of the popular handbook provides information on these developments to help market participants stay abreast of important wetland issues.

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