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    Valuation by Comparison, Second Edition

    Mark R. Ratterman, MAI, SRA
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    Winner of the George L. Schmutz Award 

    When market volatility and increased oversight create problems, experienced residential appraisers find solutions by developing and implementing new strategies grounded in appraisal fundamentals. Valuation by Comparison, second edition, will help appraisers get back to basics by exploring the reasons behind current market behavior and the logic of the sales comparison approach. With the information in this book, appraisers can develop a deeper understanding of the valuation process and a greater ability to handle a wide variety of appraisal assignments.

    Residential appraisers need to know their markets and how to research comparable transactions. Data collection and analytical skills are both essential. This handbook examines common pitfalls encountered by appraisers when searching for data and presents helpful online research tips that can help practitioners find data in markets where data is scarce, inconsistent, or misleading.

    Designed with the needs of the intermediate-level residential appraiser in mind, the text updates the first edition of Valuation by Comparison by addressing changes in real estate markets and presenting innovative ways to solve persistent appraisal problems.

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