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Student Affiliate


Why Become a Student Affiliate?

  • No Annual Dues
  • Meet appraisal experts and learn about the appraisal field
  • Access to the prestigious Lum Library
  • Affiliation with a local chapter, where you can network with appraisal professionals and explore career opportunities
  • Discounts on Appraisal Institute education and publications
  • Complimentary subscriptions to the award-winning Valuation magazine and The Appraisal Journal
  • The possibility of earning an AI designation
  • Access to many additional AI Benefits

Eligibility to apply for the Student Affiliate Category

You must be a student enrolled in high school (junior/senior secondary school) or in a university undergraduate or graduate program at the time of application. At the time of application, you must provide proof of current course enrollment.

You must also provide proof of your student status and enrollment on an annual basis to remain in the Student Affiliate category.

What Student Affiliates are saying about the Appraisal Institute!

“In becoming a student affiliate, much of what has been offered to me has had a substantial impact on where I am at today. After going to my chapter events, I have learned a great deal from many of the people I have had met thus far. Aside from the chapter affiliation, the discounts on education have been very helpful to me, as I am just kicking off my career. I am excited about this career path and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.” 

— Emma McWilliams, Appraisal Institute Former Student Affiliate - now Practicing Affiliate

“I chose to join the Appraisal Institute as a student because I wanted to get a head start on taking classes and ultimately beginning my career. The student discount is a nice benefit and incentive for me to get ahead on classes. Since I am pursuing a career in valuation it excites me to have a solid background formed from class and now to begin practicing these fundamentals in my job.” 

— Lyndsey Clark, Appraisal Institute Former Student Affiliate - now Practicing Affiliate

What is the role of the appraiser?

An appraiser provides objective and unbiased opinions regarding the value of real property for residential, commercial, agricultural, business enterprise and other property types.

Note: Student Affiliates do not provide services such as appraisal, appraisal review, mass appraisal or other services provided as a valuer. If you are providing these services, please check out our Practicing Affiliate Category.



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