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    Trainee Real Property Appraiser

    The Steps To Becoming a Trainee Appraiser

    To become an appraiser, many states require that you first become a Trainee Appraiser (also known as an Apprentice Appraiser or a Registered Appraiser).

    What Steps Do I Need To Take?

    Step 1: Complete Your Education Requirements

    Complete at least 75 hours* of qualifying education:


    *Many states also require you to take a Supervisory Appraiser/Trainee Appraiser Course, which is not part of the qualifying education hours. Please check with your state to view a full breakdown of criteria.

    Step 2: Select Your Supervisor

    Select a supervisory appraiser (who must also complete the Supervisory Appraiser/Trainee Appraiser Course).

    Step 3: Apply for Your Trainee License

    Once you’ve identified your supervisor, you can submit your application for your appraisal trainee license to your state, along with the required fees, fingerprints, and background check information.

    Step 4: Start Gathering Work Experience

    Once you have your trainee license (if required), you can start working under your supervisor to gain experience hours. Both you and your supervisor will record all completed work for eventual submission and review by the state when you apply for the next level in licensure.

    An alternative path to obtain some or all your required experience is through an exciting new program called AI Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA). Learn more about AI PAREA.

    Education Tailored to You

    The Appraisal Institute offers the qualifying education you need to become a trainee appraiser, as well as additional classes for licensing, certification and more.

    Our programs are created by real practicing appraisers and delivered in multiple formats, ensuring you get the education you need when, and how, you need it.

    Did you know that as an AI Professional, you get 30% off most AI education programs? AI also offers an Online 75-Hour Appraiser Trainee Licensing Package that includes the Trainee Appraiser qualifying education at a 15% discount.