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    Join Appraisal Institute as an Affiliate

    Are you interested in real property economics but do not provide any services as a valuer of real property? You’re in the right place!

    Most AI Affiliates, including bankers, lawyers, accountants, developers, financial planners, investors and real estate brokers, work in industries with a genuine interest in real property valuation.

    Affiliates consider AI indispensable to their career through our engaging community for networking and business development, regular updates on new developments in the profession and resources (like the Lum Library) that provide tangible value in your daily work and an environment which supports your professional goals.

    Affiliates receive invaluable opportunities to connect with local, regional and national valuation professionals and to grow their knowledge of real property valuation and connections with appraisers while enjoying access to AI’s exclusive member benefits!

    Why join as an Affiliate?

    • AI Chapters. Grow your business by getting involved with your local chapter and connecting with local appraisal professionals. Expand your knowledge through locally focused education and events.
    • Lum Library. Enhance your knowledge and research capabilities with exclusive-to-members 24/7 online access to a vast database of information—including articles, bibliographies, books, market research and data.
    • Exclusive Education and Publications Discounts. Spend less on the best resources to increase your knowledge. AI members save up to 30% on a comprehensive catalog of appraisal education offered in-person, on demand, and live-online. Save at least 20% on a diverse portfolio of valuation books, including seminal texts like The Appraisal of Real Estate and The Dictionary of Real Estate which will fuel your valuation learning to new heights.
    • Networking. Connect with a dynamic community of real property valuation professionals who can help you solve your business needs. AI members are at the forefront of the profession.
    • Professional Tools and Reports. Leverage exclusive member discounts on professional tools and more while taking advantage of resources like AI’s market data sources.

    Explore all AI benefits of membership!

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    Why become an Affiliate?

    • Get involved with AI Chapters.
    • Access the Lum Library and enhance your knowledge and research capabilities.
    • Receive exclusive education and publication discounts.
    • Connect with a dynamic community of valuation professionals.
    • Leverage exclusive professional tools and reports.
    Dues will be prorated between February and October. If you join after November 1, you will be charged the full dues for the upcoming year. Dues are subject to change annually.

    Vicent Senyondo - Affiliate Member Since 2023

    "My journey with Appraisal Institute began with a step of curiosity and has evolved into a quest for mastery. From the initial appraiser trainee courses to the general appraiser qualifying education courses, each step has been a building block towards not just a designation, but a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of real estate appraisal. 

    As I navigate through the MAI designation courses, my goal transcends the prestigious designation itself. The essence of my journey is the pursuit of knowledge that sets me apart in the competitive world of real estate. Appraisal Institute has been instrumental in this endeavor, providing not just education, but a foundation upon which I can build a legacy of excellence.

    "Knowledge is the currency of excellence in the real estate world," a mantra that has guided me through my studies and professional development. This philosophy, nurtured by Appraisal Institute, is what I carry forward in my career. It's not just about acquiring the MAI designation; it's about embracing a lifelong journey of learning, growth and contribution to the field."
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    Still have questions about joining the Appraisal Institute?

    Don't hesitate to call our team at 312-335-4111 or send us a message. 
    We’re here to help and happy to answer any questions.