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    Student Affiliate

    Join Appraisal Institute as a Student Affiliate

    Are you a high school junior or senior? A college undergraduate or graduate student?

    Join as a Student Affiliate today and enjoy the benefits of membership with no annual dues!

    As a Student Affiliate, you can take the plunge into deep and expansive waters of real estate valuation by learning more about the industry. The Appraisal Institute is here to help you learn more about the future of valuation and kick start an early career in the field.

    Why join as a Student Affiliate?

    AI is vital to our Student Affiliates in learning more about a rewarding career in real property valuation. Students engage with their local AI chapters to grow their network and leverage AI information and resources – like the Lum Library – and discounts on education and publications to grow their knowledge.

    Students receive invaluable opportunities to connect with local valuation professionals and to grow their knowledge of real property valuation with access to AI’s exclusive member benefits!

    Here are a few reasons why you should join today:

    • AI Chapters. Connect with valuation professionals, leading industry experts and fellow students by engaging with your local chapter. Your membership includes no cost chapter affiliation!
    • Lum Library. Need evidence, information, or data to support your classwork? With exclusive access to AI’s esteemed Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Library, a collection of articles, bibliographies, books, photos and academic papers dating to the 1930s, you can find answers to your academic research.
    • Exclusive Education and Publications Discounts. Spend less on knowledge developed by leading experts and recognized for its unsurpassed quality by saving up to 30% on education (in-person, on demand, and live-online) and at least 20% on books, including seminal texts like The Appraisal of Real Estate and The Dictionary of Real Estate, propelling your valuation learning to new heights.
    • Networking. Connect with a dynamic community of real property valuation professionals, learn more about the benefits of the profession, and explore career opportunities with local employers.

    Explore all AI benefits of membership!

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    Set a Course for Success

    The Appraisal Institute is dedicated to helping you build a strong foundation for future growth.

    Meet practicing valuation professionals offering real-world insights and gain a deeper understanding of this exciting profession.

    Why Did You Join AI?

    Student Affiliates tell us their stories.

    Anna Field
    Anna Field
    Luke Matthew Lonneman
    Luke Matthew Lonneman
    Sergey Arakchyan
    Sergey Arakchyan
    Emma McWilliams
    Emma McWilliams
    Anna Field
    Practicing Affiliate since December 2022 | Former Student Affliate

    Being part of Appraisal Institute as a Student Affiliate and then as a Practicing Affiliate has ensured a smooth transition from college to an appraisal career. Appraisal Institute has great courses for qualifying education, and I have been able to receive AI course equivalency for courses taken while earning my master's degree.

    The staff at Appraisal Institute works with me to make sure that I am getting the most out of my membership. I also enjoy being a member of my local chapter and meeting other professionals in my area. I look forward to continuing my career as a member of Appraisal Institute.

    Luke Matthew Lonneman
    Student Affiliate since January 2024

    Quite recently I learned that you could become a Student Affiliate with Appraisal Institute. Upon becoming a Student Affiliate, I have already begun to utilize many of the vast resources available to me! For starters, I have used the Lum Library to assist me in finding market data for the class work and case competitions that I participate in.

    I have also reached out to my local chapter, the Hoosier State Chapter, to get more involved. I began by speaking with the Chapter Executive Director, and the recently elected President of my local chapter. I even found my way onto the board of my local chapter where I will work on the public relations committee and assist in the creation of newsletters. I'm very excited about this opportunity as I now have the ability to attend my local chapters' board meetings and meet even more amazing individuals!

    As only a junior in college, I am excited to continue my journey as a Student Affiliate with Appraisal Institute. I have yet to meet a "bad egg' in the appraisal profession, everyone I've met has been a servant leader and truly a great person!

    Sergey Arakchyan
    Student Affiliate since 2019 | Former Affiliate

    When I finally decided to start my journey of transitioning from property tax valuation to the practice of appraisal, Appraisal Institute and MAI Designated Members that I had the chance to speak with, encouraged receiving quality education and seeking challenging opportunities in my pursuit of certification and the MAI designation. Thus, as a Student Affiliate and Master's Degree Program student, AI was my #1 choice and the source for selecting a university that was affiliated with the AI Master's Degree Program.

    AI staff and local chapters are a great source of timely information and advice, which is crucial in building the right foundation as an aspiring appraiser. Finally, in addition to the best education and training, AI is also leading in providing most of the appraisal experience through the PAREA program (an alternative path to gaining experience hours for certification). 

    I intend to continue my journey with AI first in the AI PAREA Program and eventually achieving the MAI and SRA designations. What I like most about AI is its emphasis on ethics and promoting the public trust in the appraisal profession. As an aspiring and/or experienced appraiser, in addition to receiving quality education and training, you can also share your experience and knowledge by becoming a mentor to those truly interested in the profession.

    Emma McWilliams
    Practicing Affiliate since 2018 | Fomer Student Affiliate

    In becoming a Student Affiliate and then a Practicing Affiliate, much of what has been offered to me has had a substantial impact on where I am today. After going to my chapter events, I have learned a great deal from many of the people I have met thus far. Aside from chapter affiliation, the discounts on education have been very helpful to me, as I am just kicking off my career. I am excited about this career path and can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

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    Still have questions about joining the Appraisal Institute?

    Don't hesitate to call our team at 312-335-4111 or send us a message. 
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