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    Jul 12, 2023

    Adoption of PAREA Continues to Grow in the States

    Forty-two states have indicated that they will accept the Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal, known as PAREA, as an alternative way for appraisers to satisfy their experience requirements necessary to become licensed. 

    Twenty-one states are considered 100% PAREA ready and will accept a Certificate of Completion from an Appraiser Qualifications Board-approved PAREA program. The other 21 states still need to put in place regulations and policies that apply to PAREA. The Appraisal Institute continues to work in the remaining 13 jurisdictions to ensure that they will accept PAREA.

    California, the District of Columbia, Missouri and New Hampshire are considering proposed rules related to PAREA, and the Appraisal Institute is aware of at least 15 other states and jurisdictions that are in various stages of the process of drafting the necessary rules and regulations. 

    See all AI PAREA-related statutes and regulations.