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    Take a Deep Dive Into Real-Estate-Based Litigation

    Take a deep dive into real-estate-based litigation and your role as an appraiser.

    During this professional development program, you will:

    • Analyze eminent domain actions and appraising for condemnation.
    • Review specialized types of litigation where valuation of real estate is frequently an issue.
    • Learn how to bring value to the litigation arena, including how to market yourself.
    • Gain practical strategies for providing expert testimony.

    The Litigation program includes the following three courses:

    The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation and Testimony (16 Hours)
    Learn the basic concepts and strategies needed to engage in litigation valuation.

    Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications (22.5 Hours)
    This course covers specialized topics, such as:

    • Environmental contamination
    • Ad valorem tax assessments
    • Construction defects
    • Bankruptcies
    • Fraud and misrepresentation
    • Income and estate tax disputes
    • Inverse condemnation
    • Contract disputes
    • Equitable distribution in divorces cases

    Condemnation Appraising: Principles and Applications (22 Hours)
    This course will take you through:

    • The eminent domain process.
    • Rules and regulations governing condemnation appraisals.
    • Important issues unique to this appraisal specialty.


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