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    Application & Interpretation of Simple Linear Regression

    Are you interested in learning how to use Excel to apply statistical methods to valuation problems? The course employs Microsoft® Excel’s “data analysis” add-in and charting capabilities to assist in developing descriptive statistics and in using simple linear regression analysis to estimate linear relationships between two variables. Topics include descriptive statistics, charts and tables, an introduction to simple linear regression, assumptions underlying application of linear regression modeling, nonlinear curve fitting, prediction and forecasting, data sufficiency, and separation of pooled data by submarket. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll apply basic statistical methods to data sets custom built to illustrate each session’s objectives in a valuation context. You’ll gain a solid understanding of simple linear regression analysis and be prepared for more advanced multiple linear regression study.


    This course is in the Analytics for Valuation Professional Development Program. View this list of FAQs, which includes information regarding the courses you’ll need to complete the program successfully.

    Course Offerings
    Sponsor Date Location Format
    Northern California Chapter August 21-22, 2024 Walnut Creek, CA Classroom View Details Register