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    General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 1

    After a brief review and introduction, General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 1 opens with a graphic treatment of the time value of money, the six financial functions of a dollar, and important associated concepts. A thorough, detailed analysis of gross income including leases and the various expenses appropriately deducted from gross income follows, with realistic case studies of several income property types. Direct capitalization is then presented using overall capitalization rates, band of investment, and residual techniques. Substantial class time is devoted to practicing the taught concepts to prepare participants for the exam.

    Course Offerings
    Sponsor Date Location Format
    Atlanta Area Chapter May 20-23, 2024 Atlanta, GA Classroom View Details Register
    Appraisal Institute On Demand Online View Details Register
    North Texas Chapter June 10-13, 2024 Dallas, TX Classroom View Details Register
    North Star Chapter July 15-18, 2024 Bloomington, MN Classroom View Details Register
    Tennessee Chapter November 4-7, 2024 NASHVILLE, TN Classroom View Details Register