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    International Equivalency Course: General

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    On Demand
    Appraisal Institute
    Kenneth G. Foltz, MAI, SRA
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    37 hours
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    3 Hours
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    Course Description
    This course has been designed to aid professional real property valuers located throughout the world in establishing a standardized measurement of their individual valuation knowledge, expertise, and experience. This theory-based curriculum includes descriptions, examples, and discussions that will stimulate real property valuation professionals from any region.

    This course is also intended to provide foundational or general education requirements necessary to progress to the more stringent, upper-division courses that need to be completed to obtain your MAI Designation, which is conferred by the Appraisal Institute. The MAI designation is recognized by governments, regulators, and practitioners around the globe as the preeminent general appraiser professional designation.

    Who Should Enroll
    International valuers who wish to pursue the MAI designation
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    Course Objectives
    • Identify the seven steps of the valuation process and the questions that need to be asked at each step.    
    • Describe the sections of a valuation report and identify the items typically addressed in each section.    
    • Identify the relationships between the three approaches to value and the appraisal principles of substitution, supply and demand, balance, and externalities.
    • List the steps needed for independent analysis.
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    • You will have 90 days from the time that you complete the course to take the proctored, offline exam. The exam is a 50 question multiple choice exam for which you have three hours to complete. You must score 70% or over to pass.
    • Testing center locations in your area can be found by clicking on this link:
    • Exam FAQ
    • If you receive a letter indicating that you have failed an exam, you have the opportunity to retake the exam twice within one year of the date of the original exam. If you fail the re-exam twice, you are then required to re-take the course before the examination may be taken again.


    Equivalency Credit Without Course:
    To receive the equivalency credit, do you have to complete the course and pass the exam, or can you challenge and pass the exam only, without completing the course?
    The requirement is that a general Candidate whose principal place of business is outside of the United States has to pass the examination associated with the International Equivalency Course: General. You are not required to complete the course. If you pass this examination, you will be deemed to have satisfied the Level I education requirement for the MAI designation. However, the Admissions Committee of the Appraisal Institute highly recommends completing the course prior to taking the exam, as it may increase the exam success rate.

    Online Course Access
    Go to and log in with the username and password you used when you registered. Click on the red “My Account” button if you are not automatically taken to your account page.
    1. Click "Education and Events" on the right navigation menu.
    2. Find the course under the “Online Courses” heading and click the “Begin” button.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once this button is clicked, your access length time (e.g. 90 days) will begin. Only click when you intend to start the course. If you are returning, once you have started the course, click the “Continue” button to continue.

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    For information about how on demand online education programs work, registration and cancellation policies, and other details, see our On Demand Online Education Frequently Asked Questions.


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