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    Understanding the Construction Draw Sheet

    Course Roadmap

    · Builders Considerations

    · Understand the Cost Breakdown Sheet

    · Banks Considerations

    · Perform 6 On Site Construction Inspections

    · Understand the Construction Draw Sheet

    · Fill out and complete a Construction Draw Sheet

    This course covers primarily residential construction and is intended for real property appraisers, real estate agents, and anyone else who wants to understand more about how houses are constructed. It covers the entire process, literally from the ground up. Covered topics include understanding how builders and lenders interact and performing an inspection of a residential home in Downtown Atlanta. It is filled with illustrations and photographs, with an emphasis on a case study of a residential home that was under construction over an 11-month period.

    Here is a list of the general topics we will cover:

    · Choosing a Site

    · Site development

    · Construction techniques

    · Cost Breakdown Sheet

    · Construction Draw Sheet

    · Construction Inspection

    Course Offerings
    Sponsor Date Location Format
    South Carolina Chapter July 18, 2024 Synchronous View Details Register