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    Become a Candidate Advisor

    Expert Guidance for Candidates

    Designated Member Candidate Advisors are a key part of the process for Candidates pursuing Designated membership. 

    It’s an opportunity for you to give back to the profession, leveraging your knowledge and experience to support Candidates for Designation as they aim higher and seek excellence.

    Here’s a snapshot of your role as a Candidate Advisor:

    • Serve as a resource, drawing from your years with the Appraisal Institute.
    • Help your Candidate understand and navigate the basic AI designation requirements.
    • Direct them to AI resources for additional information and guidance.
    • Encourage your Candidate as they pursue Designated membership.

    Responsibilities for Candidate Advisors

    Are you interested in serving as a Candidate Advisor? Following are the detailed responsibilities you’ll be expected to fulfill:

    1. Know the basic requirements for the MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, and AI-RRS designations, which may include:

      1. Experience
      2. Demonstration of knowledge (including identification of options to complete)
      3. Comprehensive examination
    2. Have regular contact (at least quarterly) with the Candidate in person, via phone and/or via email.
    3. Log regular contact (at least quarterly) in the Advisor Portal on your AI login page.
    4. Respond to the Candidate’s questions, concerns, and requests as appropriate.
    5. Encourage and help the Candidate with creating achievable timelines for completing designation requirements.
    6. Monitor the Candidate’s progress towards designated membership on their Required Time Period and to encourage the Candidate to be accountable for meeting such timelines.
    7. Encourage the Candidate to complete all designation requirements and become a Designated Member.
    8. Guide the Candidate to appropriate resources, such as AI admissions staff members and information on the AI website.
    9. Coach the Candidate through active listening, observation, and support.
    10. Encourage the Candidate to manage his/her own learning.

    Eligibility to Serve as a Candidate Advisor

    So, you’d like to be a Candidate Advisor! You need to meet the following requirements:

    1. Be a Designated Member.
    2. Not have been subject to a publishable disciplinary action by AI within the five years prior to selection.
    3. Be adept at and possess technical capability for prompt Internet communication, including the ability to access and respond to email.
    4. Complete the Candidate Advisor orientation program as approved by the Admissions and Designation Qualifications Committee (ADQC).
    5. Sign the official Candidate Advisor agreement form.
    6. Be motivated to help Candidates achieve designation and have the time to devote to serve as an effective Advisor.
    7. Have a positive, supportive, encouraging and professional approach when interacting with Candidates.
    8. Have met any other minimum qualifications the Board of Directors or ADQC may adopt.

    Selection as a Candidate Advisor and Length of Service

    If you’re a Designated Member and would like to serve as a Candidate Advisor in the Candidate for Designation Program, we’ll add you to a list of approved Candidate Advisors.

    A specific Candidate can request you, or we will identify a potential Candidate Advisor for a given Candidate. You can decide if you’d like to accept an assignment as a Candidate Advisor for specific Candidate(s), but AI will make the final decision on the pairing.

    You can serve as a Candidate Advisor for more than one Candidate – just be sure that you have the time to effectively serve all Candidates.

    You should expect to serve as a Candidate Advisor for at least four years – the length of the Required Time Period of the Candidate program. Candidates can also request additional Required Time Periods.

    End of Candidate Advisor Role and Other Details

    You will no longer be a Candidate Advisor if you:

    1. Request to no longer serve in the program.
    2. No longer meet one or more of the eligibility requirements to serve.
    3. Receive a publishable disciplinary action by AI.
    4. Do not stay up to date on the content of AI communications, including but not limited to, the content of all non-commercial emails originating from the national organization, your region, and your chapter.

    Service on Candidate Guidance Committees

    Each chapter will have a Candidate Guidance Committee. The role of these committees is to facilitate networking among Candidate Advisors in the chapter and to arrange chapter programs and events for Candidates to encourage and help them in their efforts to become AI Designated Members.

    If you’re a Candidate Advisor in a chapter, you are strongly encouraged to contact your chapter president to seek appointment to their Chapter Candidate Guidance Committee.

    AI Continuing Education Credit

    As a Candidate Advisor, you can receive up to 125 points (25 hours) of credit in the category of “Points for Service for Mentoring” toward your AI CE cycle.

    Learn more about how to self-report your service.

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