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    Recruit Candidate Advisors

    Fostering Candidate & Candidate Advisor Relationships

    Chapters are a frontline resource for Candidates for Designation and potential and existing Candidate Advisors. They can recruit Candidate Advisors and provide networking opportunities for Candidates and Candidate Advisors.

    We have provided you with a few ways you can support the Candidate for Designation Program.

    Knowledge of the Candidate Advisor Program and Resources

    To help facilitate the success of the Candidate for Designation Program, chapter leaders should have a strong understanding of the following:

    • The eligibility requirements for Candidate Advisors
    • The process for approval of Designated Members to serve as Candidate Advisors
    • The process for selection of Candidate Advisors
    • The role and responsibilities of Candidate Advisors
    • The role of Chapter Candidate Guidance Committees

    Recruitment of Candidate Advisors

    With their knowledge of local members and frontline experience, chapters are in an excellent position to identify individuals who possess the experience, knowledge and interpersonal skills to become dedicated Candidate Advisors, and should encourage them to apply.


    Establish and Maintain a Chapter Candidate Guidance Committee

    The role of this Committee is to facilitate networking among Candidate Advisors in the chapter and to arrange chapter programs and events for Candidates to help them in their efforts to become AI Designated Members.

    Chapter presidents are strongly encouraged to appoint Candidate Advisors to the Chapter Candidate Guidance Committee.


    Provide Networking Opportunities for Candidates and Candidate Advisors

    Chapters serve as the focal point for networking. Networking opportunities help Candidates get to know the Candidate Advisors in their chapter better and benefit from the knowledge and experience of these leaders.


    Leveraging Candidate Advisor Knowledge and Experience

    The Advisors in a chapter may be in the best position to understand how the chapter can help its Candidates. The chapter should use Candidate Advisors, primarily through the Chapter Candidate Guidance Committee, to help identify and plan beneficial programs like networking events, candidate guidance programs, and appropriate educational offerings.

    The chapter should make clear that the Appraisal Institute Bylaws and Regulations govern the requirements and process for AI designation and that in the event of a conflict between the Bylaws and Regulations and other documents or communications, the Bylaws and Regulations will prevail.

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