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    Review Education Content

    Reviewing Program & Quiz Questions

    The Appraisal Institute offers the gold standard in appraisal education, and that’s because our programs are peer-reviewed.

    This ensures the content is clear, accurate, comprehensive and relevant, and directly addresses the needs of real estate appraisal professionals for licensing and certification requirements, competency in advanced and specialized topics, and more.

    Learn more about how programs are developed, and how reviews fit in.

    Qualifications and Responsibilities for Program Reviewers

    To be a reviewer for both classroom and online programs, as well as quiz questions, you need to have specific content knowledge and experience with the topic you’re reviewing. Professional qualifications, practical experience, and teaching experience will be considered.

    If you’re approved to be an education content reviewer, you’ll need to thoroughly review and comment on print and/or electronic copies of all components of a course or seminar, including the instructor handbook, PowerPoint slides, Excel documents (when relevant), exam (when relevant), and online content including interactive activities (for online programs).

    You’ll also need to meet the deadlines outlined in the development schedule. You’ll review the schedule before signing your contract.

    If you’re approved to be a quiz question reviewer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that quiz questions are relevant to the program content and have reasonable “wrong” answers (distractors). You’ll also need to verify that the right answer is indeed correct, and that there is adequate feedback included for students to understand why the answer they selected is right or wrong.

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    Ready to get started?

    Ready to become a reviewer? Tell us which topics you’re familiar with. Submit an outline of your practical experience in the topic, your teaching experience, and anything else you think would be helpful.

    Need more information about becoming an education content reviewer? Interested in specifically reviewing online education content or quizzes? Submit your ideas or contact us to get your questions answered!