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    Publish a Book

    Publish a Book for the Valuation Profession

    Practicing appraisers have served as authors and advisors on every book we’ve published, which is one of many reasons why the Appraisal Institute is the leading publisher of textbooks for the valuation profession.

    Our growing body of knowledge needs your expertise and insights. Write with us!

    Aside from intangible benefits like the satisfaction of personal achievement and pride in giving back to the profession, there are direct benefits of authorship:

    • Recognition

    • Gain respect and trust from peers and clients by literally writing the book on a specific topic. Authorship will also raise the profile of your firm.

    • Continuing Education

    • As a Designated Member or Practicing Affiliate, earn up to 125 points (25 hours) for authoring publications with AI.

    • Royalties

    • Most authors receive a percentage of the revenue their book generates.

    Getting Started

    Whether you’re a first-time writer or a seasoned contributor, the idea of writing a book can seem overwhelming. But you won’t be doing it alone.

    Our skilled team of reviewers, editors and designers is here to help you clearly communicate your appraisal knowledge.

    Here’s the process for bringing your ideas to life.

    1. Written Proposal

      Draft a written proposal and make sure it includes the following:

      1. Description of the purpose of the work and an explanation of the methodology
      2. Table of contents
      3. Detailed content outline, including a concise summary of essential points, statements and facts
      4. Writing sample, such as a published article, sample chapter, etc.
      5. Identification of the target market
      6. List of competitive works
      7. Time frame for completion of the manuscript
      8. Summary of your educational background and experience
    2. Issuance of Contract

      If your proposal is approved, you’ll be offered a publishing contract.

    3. Creation of Manuscript

      Write your first draft based on your outline and any proposal suggestions offered by the AI team and reviewers, and submit it by the deadline.

    4. Review Process

      When the draft manuscript is received, expert reviewers selected by AI staff will evaluate it to ensure that your book is as complete, accurate, and up to date as possible.

      In addition, AI’s editorial staff will provide copyediting and proofreading to ensure your language is error-free and your ideas are effectively organized.

    5. Design and Production

      Once the final content is complete, the book is designed, produced and distributed. You are now officially a published author and a major contributor to our body of knowledge!

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    Ready to see your name in print?

    Add your expertise to the global conversation by publishing a book with the Appraisal Institute. The first step is submitting your proposal online.

    Still have questions? Call our Publications Team at 312-335-4448.