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    Write an Article for Valuation

    Have a Great Idea? Get Published in Valuation

    Gain recognition and share your experiences and expertise with your peers. Write for Valuation magazine.

    Valuation is the quarterly publication of the Appraisal Institute, providing appraisers with key insights and practical strategies through articles on best practices, legal and legislative issues, sector spotlights and more.

    Use your individual experience and perspective to give back to the profession and expand your career.

    Valuation is mainly interested in articles for the following sections:

    • Features

    • Is there a major issue, trend, concern or market sector that you see as having a major effect on the valuation profession or real estate industry? Feature topics should advance or inform the industry.

    • For What It's Worth - AI Professionals in Profile

    • This section is a short Q&A with AI Professionals. We’re interested in talking with appraisers who have something to say that benefits the valuation profession. Let us know about your unique professional experience or specialty area; the research you’ve conducted; or a book you’ve authored. If we move ahead with an interview, we’ll submit the questions and edit answers to fit the column. You’ll have the chance to review the edited column.

    • Legal Matters - Protecting Your Business and Yourself

    • This section provides an opportunity for experts to address legal issues affecting appraisers and the valuation profession.


    The Submission Process

    Do you have an article idea in mind? Here’s a brief overview of the submission process.

    Start by pitching your idea to the editors.

    Draft a short proposal (one to two paragraphs; around 150 words) that outlines your article idea. It should include:

    • What you want to cover
    • Why it’s important to the valuation profession
    • How it’s timely
    • What sources of information you plan to use
    • The department for which the article is intended

    You should also include a little about yourself so the editors can determine how you’re qualified to write on the topic.

    Valuation prefers exclusive, original content. If you’re pitching your idea to other publications, let us know. If you’ve already published an article on your proposed topic, please indicate where and when it ran.

    If Your Pitch Is Accepted

    We’ll ask you to write the piece and offer to help you further define and refine the article if needed. The editors will discuss story angle, word count, photography requirements, due date and other information to help you complete the assignment.

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    Interested in submitting an article?

    Have you read the submission guidelines and have a draft pitch ready to go?

    Submit your article. We look forward to reading it!

    The Fine Print

    Valuation receives numerous submissions and does not in any way guarantee publication of submitted ideas or articles. Editors will make decisions based on a variety of factors, including editorial standards as determined by AI staff. All decisions are final.

    Additionally, we reserve the right to edit content and may return an article to you for review or further revisions. Accepted articles become the property of Valuation.