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    Jun 6, 2024

    The Appraisal Institute Releases Second "What I Value" Video

    CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2024 — The Appraisal Institute, the leading association of real estate appraisers, released the second in its series of short videos profiling valuation professionals. Each video highlights their professional commitment to the public trust and their communities, and shows different ways that appraisers bring high-level professional expertise and experience to their work.


    The new video, set in Los Angeles, features Adam Bogorad, MAI, First Vice President at CBRE and the current President of the Southern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. In the video, Adam talks about the essential role commercial appraisers play in enhancing communities by helping to create infrastructure, public works and facilities that bring people together and generate economic opportunity. Adam shares his passion for bringing projects to life, and his satisfaction at seeing the public enjoy major developments where he played an important part in their earlier stages.

    With the third “What I Value” video already in production, the Appraisal Institute continues to build its appraiser-centric content focused on the challenges and opportunities professional appraisers have faced, and seized, in their careers. Behind each short video are hours of B-roll, behind the scenes clips, and extended interviews which will be available to the Appraisal Institute and its Chapters as they work together to create more content that highlights to the public the essential roles that professional appraisers play in our communities and economy.

    Appraisal Institute CEO Cindy Chance said, "I want to thank Adam and our other members who are telling their stories. My team and I remain committed to delivering appraiser-centric messaging through all of our communications channels, and this video series is a key part of our plan to communicate more effectively both inside and outside our profession. Members and partners can help us by sharing this content on social media and forwarding it to friends that are interested in better understanding the profession and the ways appraisers work in our communities."