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    Appraisers in Arbitration, Second Edition - PDF

    Paula K. Konikoff, MAI, AI-GRS
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    Appraisers in Arbitration, second edition, presents up-to-date information and advice on how appraisers can expand their practices by participating in real estate arbitrations.
    Arbitration is increasingly seen as an efficient and cost-effective alterna­tive to litigation, and valuation professionals are often called on to serve as arbitrators, expert witnesses, and consultants in arbitration matters. This practical text provides specific advice on how to perform each task required in an arbitration and the standards that apply to each service. Every step in the arbitration process, from the preliminary hearing to the final award, is explained and common arbitration scenarios and real-world examples of in-person and virtual arbitrations are discussed.
    Appraisers in Arbitration, second edition, is essential reading for valuers who wish to explore how arbitration differs from other areas of practice and learn how to make use of their valuation skills in this new and exciting area of specialization.