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    Appraising Industrial Properties provides a comprehensive survey of the different factors an appraiser must consider when valuing industrial real estate. Topics of special significance to the valuation of industrial property covered in this text include highest and best use considerations, environmental issues relating to industrial processes, legal issues such as zoning and eminent domain, real estate taxation, and the impact of government assistance such as tax abatement and free enterprise zones on the competitive market. Later chapters venture further to cover a number of industrial property subtypes requiring specialized experience and training. A key feature of this book is its coverage of the specific data and techniques used in the appraisal of niche properties. The specialty properties covered in this text include:

    • Specialty storage subtypes, such as grain elevators and miniwarehouse space
    • Distribution and transportation facilities, such as high-cube distribution centers and truck terminals
    • Specialized manufacturing facilities, such as food processing plants
    • Cutting-edge industrial subtypes, such as high-tech manufacturing facilities and telecommunications infrastucture buildings (telco hotels)

    Appraising Industrial Properties will help readers make sense of the new terrain and navigate a successful course through the challenges created by the evolution of industry in the twenty-first century.

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