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    Self Storage Economics and Appraisal - PDF

    R. Christian Sonne, MAI
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    Self storage is a bright spot in the commercial real estate market. Once considered an interim property use, self storage today is a core asset class that attracts savvy investors and promises good growth for years to come.

    Inside Self Storage Economics and Appraisal, author R. Christian Sonne, MAI, discusses how to develop the sophisticated analyses needed to assist investors, lenders, developers, and owners in their self storage investment decision making.

    This book includes:

    • An examination of the unique characteristics of the self storage industry
    • An exploration of the vast array of data and tools used to perform analyses of self storage properties
    • Up-to-date statistics, extracts from sample appraisal reports, and real-world self storage case studies

    "Self Storage Economics and Appraisal is a concise, no-nonsense, useful resource that provides keen insights regarding the self storage industry, how self storage properties work, and how to appraise them. It has become a valuable and welcome addition to my personal reference library."                                                                                                                                        Richard Marchitelli, MAI

    Note: This book is only available in PDF format.