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    The Valuation of Office Properties: A Contemporary Perspective

    Barrett A. Slade, PhD, MAI, Non-Practicing
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    Get The Valuation of Office Properties: A Contemporary Perspective and learn the terminology, concepts, principles, and analytical techniques needed to value complex, multitenant office buildings. The Valuation of Office Properties includes essential information on:

    • The history of the office building
    • Characteristic attributes of different types of office buildings
    • Site and improvement inspection and analysis
    • Industry measurement criteria

    Through an in-depth case study and real-world examples, the author demonstrates the application of the income capitalization approach and thoroughly examines:

    • Office leases
    • The forecasting of cash flows
    • The estimation of rents, vacancies, and operating expenses

    The sales comparison approach, the cost approach, and final reconciliation are also demonstrated. An extensive glossary and bibliography are included for further reference.


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