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    Practicing Affiliate

    Join Appraisal Institute as a Practicing Affiliate

    Are you a valuer of real property? This is the member category for you!

    Join as a Practicing Affiliate today to gain access to a wide array of benefits and enhance your career in the vibrant world of real estate valuation.

    Practicing Affiliates find AI essential to their career through discounts on our education, regular updates on new developments in the profession, our engaging community for networking and business development, resources which provide tangible value in your daily work, and an environment which supports your professional goals.

    Why join as a Practicing Affiliate?

    • Our Chapters. Grow your business by getting involved with your local chapter and expand your knowledge through locally focused education and events.
    • Lum Library. Enhance your daily work with exclusive-to-members 24/7 online access to a vast database of information—including articles, bibliographies, books, market research and data.
    • Ethics & Professional Standards. Demonstrate to clients your commitment to the highest ethical standards in the profession via membership in AI and take advantage of AI’s professional practice counseling service—a unique exclusive resource for AI members.
    • Exclusive Education and Publications Discounts. Spend less on the best resources to increase your knowledge. AI members save up to 30% on a comprehensive catalog of appraisal education offered in-person, on demand and live-online. Save at least 20% on a diverse portfolio of valuation books.
    • Professional Tools and Reports. Leverage exclusive member discounts on professional tools, appraisal software, and more while taking advantage of resources like market data sources and our AI Reports® pre-designed appraisal report forms.
    • A Path to Designation. Demonstrate distinction in the marketplace with a MAI, SRA, AI-GRS or AI-RRS designation. Practicing Affiliate membership is a first step towards achievement of one or more of AI’s prestigious professional designations.
    • Networking. Connect with a dynamic community of real property valuation peers locally and nationally and build your business by forging valuable relationships and collaborating with industry leaders who support your brand and identity.
    • Find an Appraiser. Increase your client base and boost your exposure with our Find an Appraiser directory, exclusive to AI members. A single referral from Find an Appraiser may more than cover your annual dues!
    • Advocacy. Contribute to, and benefit from, advocacy efforts nationally and locally, where we advance the interests of AI members and the broader valuation profession.
    • Professional Development. Expand your practice and generate income with listings on our Professional Development Program registries in the areas of litigation, green consulting real estate assessment appeal, estate and family wealth planning and so much more!

    As a Practicing Affiliate, you can elevate your professional reputation by gaining credibility as a member of an organization with the highest standards of ethics and integrity in real estate appraisal. The Appraisal Institute is here to help you take your career to new heights, support your professional goals and unlock tangible value in your daily work.

    Explore all AI benefits of membership!

    Practicing Affiliates may include: Certified real property appraisers, Licensed residential appraisers, Trainee/registered/provisional appraisers, Appraisal reviewers, Tax assessors, Consultants, Analysts, Financial advisors, Realty officers, Real estate evaluators, University faculty, Researchers, Appraisal data technicians, other valuers who are not required to be licensed at the state level.

    Practicing Affiliate Policy Manual: Outlines policies and procedures of the Practicing Affiliate category.

    Join Appraisal Institute

    Catapult Your Career with Key Benefits

    • Networking and career opportunities through your local Chapter.
    • Access the Lum Library and enhance your knowledge and research capabilities.
    • Exclusive education and publication discounts.
    • Opportunities to influence key stakeholders through advocacy.
    • Specialized insurance plans and discounts on state-of-the-art appraisal software.
    • And much more.
    Dues will be prorated between February and October. If you join after November 1, you will be charged the full dues for the upcoming year. Dues are subject to change annually.

    Why Did You Join AI?

    Practicing Affiliates tell us their stories.

    Renee Jordan
    Renee Jordan
    Tracy Deng
    Tracy Deng
    Charity Jean Stout
    Charity Jean Stout
    Morgan Clary
    Morgan Clary
    Chester Alexander Daniel
    Chester Alexander Daniel
    Renee Jordan
    Practicing Affiliate since 2023

    The guidance and support I've received from the AI has been instrumental in shaping my appraisal career. The instructors' dedication to providing comprehensive education and their commitment to excellence have truly set the standard for professional development in our field. The resources and knowledge provided by the AI have been invaluable assets, empowering me to navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence and proficiency. Their emphasis on practical learning and real-world application has enriched my skill set and contributed significantly to my professional growth. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities and guidance I've reached from AI, and I look forward to continuing my journey with them.

    Additionally, I am honored and deeply grateful to share my testimonial as a recent recipient of the Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation (AIERF) Scholarship Committee award for the AIERF Minorities and Women AI Course Scholarship. This recognition highlights AI's commitment to diversity and inclusion within the industry, and I am beyond thrilled to be part of an organization that actively supports the advancement of minorities and women in the field. The opportunities provided by AI, including the scholarship I received, demonstrate their dedication to fostering a more diverse and representative appraisal community. As someone passionate about promoting diversity in the industry, I believe that initiatives like these are crucial in ensuring equal access to education and professional development for all aspiring appraisers. I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement I've received from AI and I am eager to contribute to their mission of creating a more inclusive and equitable appraisal profession.

    Tracy Deng
    Practicing Affiliate since 2023 | ADI Scholarship Recipient

    My introduction to Appraisal Institute through the ADI scholarship program in Chicago marked the initiation of a transformative journey in valuation training and career guidance. Right from the start, Appraisal Institute has transcended its role as a mere educational resource - it has been a guiding compass, directing me along the intricate pathway of real estate appraisal careers. The courses, supported by the ADI scholarship, not only imparted vital skills but also fostered a genuine sense of support and encouragement. 

    I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering commitement of Appraisal Institute in nurturing aspiring professionals like me. It surpasses the definition of an educational institution; it is indeed, a heartfelt partner in my pursuit of excellence in the realm of real estate valuation.

    Charity Jean Stout
    Practicing Affiliate since 2023 | ADI Scholarship Recipient

    My journey with Appraisal Institute began when I was honored to be a recipient of the Diversity Scholarship in 2022. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to meet other young appraisers that were also beginning their careers. I have been able to interact with other trainees that are starting their careers in the classroom but also at online virtual meetings.

    My affiliation with Appraisal Institute has also allowed me to attend local chapter meeting where I am able to interact with practicing appraisers which is an excellent way to broaden my network and gain exposure to different perspectives within the industry. I do think the biggest benefit to the membership is the ability to associate with the best and brightest of our industry.

    Morgan Clary
    Practicing Affiliate since 2022

    The Appraisal Institute has provided me with a comprehensive and rigorous education that has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of real estate appraisal. By enrolling in an AI affiliated university, I was offered a well-rounded curriculum with a concentration in real property valuation. The education and training I have received through my master's program as well as AI, has had a significant impact on my career. Through the AI Master's Degree Program, I was able to earn equivalency credit for a majority of the prerequisite education needed for the MAI designation, which has helped accelerate my path towards designation.

    As a Practicing Affiliate, I am grateful for the ongoing support and mentorship provided by AI. From a student in the AI Master's Degree Program to a Practicing Affiliate working towards a designation, the organization has been instrumental in helping me navigate my path towards designation by providing me with the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to thrive in the real estate appraisal industry. I am grateful for their unwavering commitment to excellence and look forward to continuing my professional growth with their support.

    Chester Alexander Daniel
    Practicing Affiliate since 2023 | ADI Scholarship Recipient

    I was introduced to the appraisal profession through the National Urban League, an organization with which I have been associated for many years. I learned of their collaboration with Appraisal Institute (AI) and of steps to engender more ethnic diversity in the appraisal profession through the Appraisal Diversity Initiative (ADI). I was intrigued by becoming a certified appraiser, so I applied for a scholarship with ADI and was accepted into the program.

    Acceptance into the program fulfilled my objectives of pursuing a new career, doing it well with a purpose, and committing to bringing others along. However, the coursework and study require commitment, dedication, and support to become an appraiser. What impressed me most was the support from the ADI team, who were always available to help with my many challenges. I was so impressed by the level of exposure afforded me by AI while attending the Appraisal Summit they sponsored in Las Vegas. I highly recommend AI and the ADI team to anyone looking for a career as a real estate appraiser.


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