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What if I have a question that isn't answered in the FAQs?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Appraisal Institute exam process, please contact our Education Delivery department at 312-335-4207 or e-mail

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What programs include a final, proctored, offline exam? How many hours does the exam last? How many questions are there?

Programs With Final Exams (includes exam hours and number of questions) 

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If there is a final, proctored, offline exam for a program, am I required to take it?

You are required to complete and pass the final, proctored, offline exam if

  • you are taking this class to meet state qualifying education requirements.
  • you are taking this class to meet the qualifying education requirements for an Appraisal Institute designation.

You may be required to complete and pass a final, proctored, offline exam if

You are not required to complete and pass a proctored offline exam if:

  • you are taking this class to meet the continuing education requirements of an Appraisal Institute designation.

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What is the format of the exam?

Exams are multiple choice format.

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Where do I take the exam?

Our exams are administered at a Pearson Vue Testing Center. Testing center locations in your area can be found by clicking on this link:

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How do I schedule the exam?

An exam authorization email will not be sent. The process to schedule the offline, proctored exam is outlined below:
In one (1) business day after successfully completing all of the online course content and assignments, you may schedule the final, offline proctored exam on the Pearson VUE - Appraisal Institute Educational Examinations website at  On this page, you will need to create a Pearson VUE account, if you have not done so already.  You will need the email address you used to register for the online course, as well as your AI account number to create the Pearson VUE account. If you have any questions or concerns about the exam process, please contact the Appraisal Institute education delivery department at at 312-335-4207 or e-mail

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How many days do I have to schedule and take the exam?

The exam must be scheduled within 60 days and taken within 90 days of completing the online course material.

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What will happen at the testing center?

• When you arrive at the testing center, you will need to present two forms of identification. Make sure your ID has a photograph and is not expired. For example, if you have an expired driver's license, you will be turned away.

• You will also be required to locking up your personal belongings – including wallets and watches -- in a locker outside the testing room.

•  Wearable Technology: Laptops, cellular phones, tablets, iPads, wearable technology (smart watch, Apple Watch, Google Glass, etc.), and other devices that can store data or connect to the Internet are NOT permitted during the exam. In addition, all watches, wallets, bags, and purses must be removed and stored out of reach prior to taking the exam

• You will be required to check in and out with a proctor if you need to leave the testing room.

Pearson Vue handles examinations for many different groups, some of which have much tighter security than our students are used to. With the exception of fingerprinting – which our examinees are not subject to – you will need to follow the same rules as the other examinees. Of the thousands of clients that Pearson Vue routinely accommodates, we are one of only a handful that doesn't require fingerprinting. If testing center staff asks for your fingerprints, please ask them to double-check the requirements for our group and they will see that fingerprinting is not required.

If you have not taken an exam through Pearson Vue before and are concerned about the format, you might want to check out their demo at The demo gives you a "guided tour" explaining how the exam works.

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Can I use a calculator? What calculators are allowed?

You may take one financial calculator into the exam provided you clear the memory banks before hand. The allowed calculators are: HP 10b, HP 10bii, HP 12c, HP 17bii, HP 17ii+, HP 19bii calculators or Texas Instruments (TI) BA II PLUS. You will not be permitted to use any other type of calculator. We recommend the HP 12c. While other allowed calculators may be used during the exam, our online course materials and instructors only support the HP 12c.

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Can I bring scratch paper or notes into the exam?

Other than a cleared calculator, you can't bring anything into the exam. You will not be allowed to bring any type of scratch paper into the testing room. However, you will receive an erasable, laminated noteboard and pen at the testing center on which you can write notes. You can turn in the note boards for a clean one at any time throughout the exam.

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Do I have to memorize all the symbols and formulas in the course material for the exam?

We don’t disclose exactly what is in an exam, but we do provide any necessary information for completion within the exam. For example, unless otherwise noted in the course material, you usually don't have to memorize symbols and formulas as they are provided within the exam.

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Can I re-schedule my exam?

If you are unable to attend your scheduled examination, you must notify the Pearson VUE Testing Centers 24 hours or more in advance. Rescheduling an exam less than 24 hours before it is scheduled will necessitate contacting the Appraisal Institute education delivery department at, who will need to re-authorize you with Pearson VUE Testing Center. A reauthorization fee will be applied. You may reschedule the exam ONE TIME ONLY from the date of your initial confirmation.

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What happens if I do not pass the exam? Do you allow for re-exams?

If you don't pass the exam, you will receive an "exam critique" from the Appraisal Institute that will show the specific content areas you should study further. You will also receive detailed instructions if you are interested in re-taking the exam. A fee of $125 for Appraisal Institute Designated members, Candidates for Designation, Practicing Affiliates, and Affiliates and $165 for non-AI individuals will be required. You have up to 1 year from the date of completing the online material to re-take an exam.

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How do I study for the exam?

If you pay attention to the online materials, ask questions by email if you are not certain, and faithfully complete all quizzes and assignments, you will be in great shape for the exam. The course materials also will provide information on the number of exam questions, the topics covered, and the approximate percentage of the exam devoted to each course topic. In addition, we also have prepared a document outlining general study strategies that will assist you in taking any exam.

You can print out the course materials to study for the exam. You will have access to the course materials and printing until the official end date of the session, unless you purchase a 16 day extension. After the extension period, you may contact us directly at if you require further access.

Note: You cannot print out the materials for the 15 Hour National USPAP course.

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What is the Appraisal Institute’s education and exam rounding policy?

Solutions to numerical problems or sequences of related problems will be rounded at the end of the (final) problem, only. All intermediate numerical results are stored internally on the HP-12C calculator but will be displayed in solutions with a convenient and consistent number of digits, using the HP-12C’s rounding function.

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What is the passing score for exams?

70% for Appraisal Institute requirements, except 15-Hour USPAP 72%
70% for most state requirements, except Florida and Georgia with 75%

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Will I receive my exact score?

No, students only receive a pass or fail notice; they do not receive a letter grade or percentage.  

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When will I receive my exam results?

Exam results will not be sent to students. To access exam results, follow these instructions:
1. Within 2 days of completing the exam at the Pearson VUE testing center, log into the Appraisal Institute website and from your My AI Account page, click Education and Events in the menu on the right.
2. On the My Events page, scroll down to the Exams section and click on the View button next to the program.

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