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    International Valuation of Fixed Assets

    Learn How to Conduct International Valuation Assignments 

    Learn how to conduct international valuation assignments during this intensive professional development program.

    The courses in this program cover the valuation of fixed assets (property, plant and equipment) for financial reporting according to international accounting and financial reporting standards.

    You’ll also explore the International Valuation Standards and learn how valuations are affected by challenging economic, financial and legal systems worldwide.

    This program includes the following three courses:

    Valuation in Challenging Markets (30 Hours)
    This four-day course takes you through case studies that address different types of valuation by purpose and use, and covers a range of property types, business activities and countries.

    International Valuation Standards Overview (8 Hours)
    Gain an overview of the International Valuation Standards (IVS) that affect real estate. This course was developed for domestic and international valuation experts with a working knowledge of valuation techniques, as well as those with a financial and real estate background. It emphasizes ethical behavior and competent practice.

    International Financial Reporting Standards for the Real Property Appraiser (15 Hours)
    This practical course will help you identify the parts of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that affect the valuation profession, including the use of common standards, terminology and definitions.

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