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    International Valuation Standards Overview

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    Appraisal Institute
    Matthew S. Myers, MAI
    Class Time
    7 hours
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    Course Description

    This course provides an overview of the standards that affect real estate noted in the International Valuation Standards.

    Specifically written for domestic and international valuation experts with a working knowledge of valuation techniques as well as for those with a financial and real estate background, the course emphasizes ethical behavior and competent practice. Through guidance and examples, the material shows participants how to apply the IVS principles as widely as possible. The International Valuation Standards give clients, other intended users, and the public a reason to place their trust in services performed by professional valuation experts. In other words, they can have greater confidence in valuation services because they know that valuation experts completing assignments under the International Valuation Standards are required to follow standards of ethical practice.

    This program satisfies the Appraisal Institute Standards of Professional Practice requirement for international Candidates for Designation (in addition to Business Practices & Ethics).

    This course is in the International Valuation of Fixed Assets Professional Development Program. View this list of FAQs, which includes information regarding the courses you’ll need to complete the program successfully.

    Who Should Enroll
    • Appraisers in the United States who perform or will perform international assignments
    • International appraisers who are required to take IVS 
    • Government regulators or employees who apply international valuation practices
    • Financial analysts
    • Accountants
    • Auditors
    Course Objectives
    • Recognize how IVS provides a common basis for evaluating whether an assignment has been completed correctly.
    • Recognize that IVS is a reference source for those outside the valuation profession and especially those who have little knowledge of valuation practice.
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